IPANZ is a membership organisation that relies on fees and donations for its operations. Even in the early stages of its development, IPANZ offers certain benefits that currently no other organisation provides.

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Benefits of IPANZ membership

Apart from belonging to a group where you can speak your mind and get support, IPANZ membership comes with some valuable benefits, such as

  • Support in employment-relations and contractual issues
  • 50% off your first year of membership fee if you join APEX union
  • Access to safe harbour for raising sensitive workplace issues
  • Access to materials developed by IPANZ (e.g. invoicing guidelines, exclusive insights to survey data, professional resources)
  • Mentoring and help in finding verifier pharmacist under the new recertification framework

And with the growth of the organisation the list will keep growing. Our goal is to become the ultimate support hub for individual pharmacists.

Application for Membership (Expression of interest)

If you are interested in becoming a member of IPANZ, please fill out the form below honestly and fully, to the best of your knowledge. We are serious about our membership rules and we expect everybody to make an honest declaration regarding the existence of any interest or business incentive they may hold. You are hereby notified that any act of dishonesty or misrepresentation of the facts will be treated as a breach of the Code of Ethics, and may be reported to the Pharmacy Council of New Zealand.